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A cloud marketplace for IaaS: Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange

Recognising the increased industry investment in cloud technology, Deutsche Börse has decided to use its market expertise to reduce cloud adoption hurdles by developing a vendor-neutral marketplace for IaaS resources. Founded in May 2013, Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange (DBCE) aims to establish a secure, transparent and liquid spot market for IaaS resources. The exchange is planned to go live in April 2015.

Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange at a glance:

  • Allows multiple IaaS providers to offer resources to consumers in one place.
  • Allows buyers to select from a wide range of sellers.
  • Provides product consistency throughout the marketplace.
  • Provides standardised contracts for all market participants.
  • Acts as an independent market operator.
  • Provides neutral governance.
  • Defines a simple and broad product portfolio for buyers to choose from.

Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange will offer standardised products, allowing an accredited seller to contract with any registered buyer in a unified market and legal framework. Interoperability between multiple cloud providers will be enabled through standardised interfaces and a thin cloud management layer designed by the innovative cloud software provider Zimory. This will allow buyers and sellers to easily connect to the cloud marketplace.

Benefits for buyers include transparent, flexible and on-demand purchasing of standardised cloud resources, real-time price comparison of different cloud providers, data locations selectable through Governing Regions.

On the other side, sellers will have access to a huge sales channel, as product offering is exposed to all exchange participants and reduced administration burdens as customer billing is managed and processed by the exchange. All standards for the tradable IaaS resources are defined and controlled by the neutral exchange, making it easier for buyers to compare offerings and for sellers to structure and operate their infrastructure. Legal certainty is provided with standardised service level agreements (SLAs)monitored and enforced by Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange to assure a fair and manipulation-free trading, pricing and billing.

Prior to being admitted to Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange, each participant is required to undergo the Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange admission process and must agree to accept and follow specific rules and standards. Availability monitoring and benchmarking will ensure product quality among all registered IaaS providers.

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