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Commercial trading of IaaS cloud resources webinar, 4 December 2014 @ 11:00 CET

04/12/2014 -
11:00 to 12:00

Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange (DBCE) has launched an exchange market for IaaS cloud resources. Dr. Johannes Watzl (Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG) and Daniel Hagemeier (DBCE) on the 4th of December 2014 have shown in their presentation the general concept, the services and the definition of the tradable products. Two key elements of an exchange that were highlighted are neutrality and transparency. At Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange these are achieved with the help of standardisation on different levels.

Watch here the webinar



About the speakers:

Dr. Johannes Watzl is responsible for the Product Management at Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange. His work is focused on the specification and introduction of new tradable products and and product features. Prior to his role at Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange, Johannes was a researcher at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München where he worked at European Commission funded projects in the field of distributed computing and standardisation in grid and cloud computing and obtained his PhD. He started research on the idea of trading cloud resources in 2008 resulting in the PhD thesis "A framework for Exchange-Based Trading of Cloud Computing Commodities".

Daniel Hagemeier is an advisor to the board at Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG. He takes care of the product market strategy. Prior to his role he was a member of the international management team of Host Europe Group where his work was focused on the strategic and operational management of all cloud hosting products in Europe. As an entrepreneur Daniel founded a cloud provider in the early days of the cloud hosting industry and sold his company in 2010 to Host Europe Group. Daniel has a degree in Business Administration, and is author of several IT books and articles.


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