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European Research e-Infrastructures and Innovation Clusters

03/10/2014 -
08:45 to 18:45

CERN was invited to the European Research e-Infrastructures and Innovation Clusters to demonstrate how Helix Nebula supports SMEs.

CERN highlighted the need for commercial service providers, which was acknowledged and it was noted that public service providers should not try to offer the same services as commercial providers. Public services providers can have a role earlier in the innovation cycle, such as to support prototyping activities, but there should be a smooth transition to commercial providers once the applications (or new services) are commercialised. Clearly ‘human’ services (especially training and consultancy) were seen as important by the innovation clusters and SMEs present.

The EC and audience agreed that there should be funding for the creation of a hybrid e-Infrastructure services marketplace that can serve SMEs (and others) as part of the EC’s 2015-2016 work programme.