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Helix Nebula @ Open e-IRG Workshop, Dublin, 22-23 May 2013

22/05/2013 - 13:00 to 23/05/2013 - 13:00

Bob Jones of CERN presented Helix Nebula at the Open e-IRG Workshop, Dublin, Ireland on the 22nd -23rd of May 2013.
The presentation entitled "Interoperable e-infrastuctures as seen by Helix Nebula" showed the situation in e-infrastuctures before Helix Nebula up to year 2012, presented the flagship deployments results of 2012, identified the existing gaps.
Also mentioned were the Helix Nebula Blue Box services that are currently under test and what will be tested next.
The new flagships of Helix Nebula that were chosen from 15 proposals were presented and the interoperability aspects with national structures.
The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group organises workshops twice a year in collaboration with the country holding the EU presidency.
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