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Public Sector World Cloud Forum, 2-3 December 2014, London

02/12/2014 - 09:00 to 03/12/2014 - 15:00

On the 2nd and the 3rd of December 2014, the Public Sector World Cloud Forum event, the first event focusing on Public Sector in the EMEA Region, took place in London. As the requirements & limitations of the public sector are very different from those of enterprises, the Public Sector Cloud World Forum aimed to bring together senior government IT officials.

The event was attended by Bob Jones, CERN & Helix Nebula & PICSE coordinator, who actively participated to the debate on how cloud computing is changing the way of working of public research organisations and presented the Helix Nebula marketplace showcasing the video "Helix Nebula Marketplace a step towards federated Information as a Service".

The topics discussed were aimed to help Public Sector organisations to answer all the fundamental questions when choosing their path towards cloud computing:

  • Does cloud computing make sense for my organisation?
  • How can we anticipate the challenges of migrating to the Cloud and how do we make the transition easier?
  • How does Cloud affect our security program/protocol/operations and the security of our users/citizens?
  • What is our tolerance for risk and what data must we absolutely protect (Impact Level data IL3 classifications for example)?
  • How can we measure the benefits of cloud computing and make sure we will see a return on investment (ROI), as well as cost-effectively deliver new, convenient services for citizens?
  • How can we ensure SLAs and interoperability agreements suitable for future growth & evolution of our services and avoid vendor lock-in?

The event opened with a keynote of Dirk van Rooy, Head of Sector, European Cloud Partnership, DG CONNECT E2- Software & Services, Cloud (& EC PICSE project officer) addressing the issues, policy and uptake of Cloud computing in the public sector with a focus on the European cloud policy framework, the European Cloud Partnership, the Cloud for Europe (C4E) pre-commercial procurement initiative, PICSE Procurement innovation for cloud services in Europe, Helix Nebula and the call for proposals in Horizon2020, with specific opportunities for public sector cloud uptake (pre-commercial procurement and public procurement of innovation actions).

He highlighted the need to develop a single digital market in Europe and explained that most of the PCP/PPI funds will be going to the supply-side but the choice of how these funds are spent will be determined by the demand-side, putting the users in the driving seat for shaping the future funding for  IT infrastructure (and European e-infrastructure projects).

An interview with Bob Jones