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THINK Cloud Vendors - London, UK

09/12/2014 -
09:00 to 18:00

On Tuesday 9th December 2014, in London, took place the THINK Cloud Vendors one day conference. The event focused on providing to the audience, mainly UK cloud providers and representatives of the UK government, a better understanding of the opportunities available across the G-Cloud Platform and Digital Marketplace, highlighting the challenges faced and promoting effective strategies for the supplier community when selling cloud services to the Public Sector.

During the event it was highlighted that one of the main result achieved by G-Cloud was the change of mind-set and approach within government to procuring IT services, in particular in relation to the procurement of cloud services from small and midsized companies.  On the other side it was also noticed that the spend so far has been concentrated amongst a relatively few successful suppliers and only focused on certain categories of service (mainly consultancy services). Nowadays more than three quarters of vendors have yet to transact any business. 


Speakers of the event:
Tony Singleton  Director, G-Cloud and Digital Commercial Programme - Government Digital Service
Stephen Allott, Crown Representative for Small and Medium Enterprises – Cabinet Office
Sarah Hurrell,  Commercial Director Technology, Crown Commercial Service
Tony Richards, Head of Security and Accreditation at G-Cloud – Government Digital Service
Chris Chant - Rainmaker Solutions
Dr Katy Ring - Research Director, 451 Research
Naureen Khan – Head of Programme Public sector, Tech UK
Stuart Lauchlan – Co-Founder Diginomica
Peter Middleton – Specialist Cloud Consultant (Previously, G-Cloud Programme
Manager – Government Digital Service
James Mackenzie – Business Improvement Officer, Corporate Programme Office –
East Hampshire District Council
Chris Farthing – Founder AdviceCloud
Kate Craig Wood – Managing Director – Memset
Mark Jackson – Director of Partners – Skyscape Cloud Services
Stephanie Hosny – Sales and Marketing Director – IXIS
John Glover – Sales and Marketing Director – Kahootz
Richard Clarke – Head of Public Sector – Huddle

1.    Why the G-Cloud needs you – the Vendor
2.    G-Cloud, the rules of play
3.    Cloud computing: market opportunities across the public sector
4.    How do buyers buy?
5.    Improving your G-Cloud offerings
6.    Being heard above the roar and how to make an impact
7.    Service, design and integration – how G-Cloud is enabling change
8.    Making G-Cloud work for local government
9.    David or Goliath – Opening up the public sector market to SME’s
10.    How we made the G-Cloud work for us