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Helix Nebula project passes proof-of-concept

“The proof-of-concept deployment has been very successful” Ramon Medrano Llamas, the Experiment Support group in CERN's IT department speaking about the  CERN-ATLAS flagship use-case


Following the  Helix Nebula consortium meeting at the European Space Agency’s ESRIN facility in Frascati, Italy, and the successful review of the project’s proof-of-concept phase, CERN features a spotlight on the project achievements so far.

Born out of a unifying vision, over the longer term, it is hoped that use of commercial cloud resources could become a useful addition to very large data centres owned and managed by the scientific community.

 “We want to operate as an ecosystem. Today, the market is fragmented, but we want to bring it together and by doing so we will benefit from the stability of diversity.” Maryline Lengert, a senior advisor in the IT department of the European Space Agency (ESA)

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