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Big data, big opportunities - for science and for enterprise

Interview with Sverre Jarp, iSGTW, 18 September, 2013

iSGTW speaks to CERN openlab’s Sverre Jarp, ahead of this month’s inaugural ISC Big Data conference in Heidelberg, Germany. Jarp, who is the general chair of the event, picks his highlights from the conference program and tells us why big data presents exciting opportunities, but also poses challenges, for enterprise and HPC alike. 


.....what about big data specifically in a scientific context? Could you maybe expand upon how big data plays a role in research here at CERN?


CERN, EMBL, and ESA are also collaborating with leading IT providers, from both the public and private sectors, on the Helix Nebula initiative, which aims to create a cloud computing infrastructure to support the massive IT requirements of European scientists. Rupert Lueck will be giving a talk at ISC Big Data ’13 explaining how EMBL, as one of Helix Nebula’s three flagship use cases, is able to implement a novel cloud service to simplify large-scale genome analysis and to help scientists, inside and outside EMBL, to better meet the challenges of analyzing large amounts of genomic sequence data by provisioning tailor-made high performance computing and bioinformatics resources on demand.......


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