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Cybercrimes And The Growing Importance Of SDN Technology

Article by in November 18, 2013 at Cloud Security Alliance CEE Summit.

CloudTweaks is recognized as one of the leading authorities in cloud computing information.


The article mentions a share of concepts such as cybercrimes, business drivers, transparency in the cloud and Cloud Brokerage using Helix Nebula as an example.


......."When discussing the future of cloud computing, we are starting to hear more about “Cloud Brokerage“. Dr. Jesus Luna Garcia from the Cloud Security Alliance explained the role of Cloud Brokerage in his presentation about Helix Nebula, a cloud environment built for providing computing resources for science and academic organizations in the EU.  Helix Nebula project act as intermediate between the consumers and a variety of cloud services and provide added value services such as standard security policy and secure data transfer across providers as well as continues monitoring and different service levels."........


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