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Europe Gets Cloud Marketplace That Actually Has Chance of Survival

Interview with Robert Jenkins, CEO of CloudSigma, published in THENEWSTACK, May 7, 2014.

The article talks about the launch of the Helix Nebula Marketplace ( which will be held this month in Geneva, Switzerland on the 14 May 2014.

    ...... "The Helix Nebula Marketplace (HNX) is scheduled to launch this month. Developers will be able to visit the site to shop for, buy, use, and manage cloud services. Providers that are participating in the marketplace include CloudSigma; Canopy, the cloud provider built by VMware, EMC and Atos; T-Systems; and Interoute. There have been a number of other attempts at building exchanges but none has come to much”...........

To read full article, please visit here.

Visit the HNX website.