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Open Day event: Towards a European Open Science Cloud, July 2015

Over 80 experts from European research organisations, and public & private commercial cloud service providers gathered at CERN on 26 June 2015 for the Helix Nebula Initiative (HNI) and PICSE Open Day event: Towards a European Open Science Cloud, which demonstrated why and how Europe can enable digital science by introducing IT as a Service for its public research community.
Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN, indicated that the Open Science Cloud is driven by a hybrid model comprising public research organisations, e-Infrastructures and commercial suppliers to build a common platform with a range of services for Europe’s research communities. Currently in its fourth year of activity, HNI has pioneered this approach thanks to the contribution of over 40 public and private partners working together to establish a dynamic ecosystem for the seamless integration of open science into a business environment.
According to Bob Jones, PICSE project Director and HNI Chair, the use of IT for the research sector is at a turning point and research organisations & cloud service providers have to overcome barriers to the introduction of a hybrid cloud model. Indeed, as representatives from Atos, CloudSigma, SixSq, T-Systems, the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission (EC) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) pointed out, a hybrid cloud platform populated with valuable research data will greatly impact the Industry; including in the area of energy, finance and environment. Moreover, procurement guidelines based on cooperation between the private and public sector will accelerate cloud adoption by the research sector, and beyond. Sara Garavelli from Trust-IT Services presented the initial results of the PICSE project – Procurement Innovation for Cloud services in Europe – and highlighted the challenges and experiences of 10 public research organisations.The PICSE Wizard, a web-based tool conceived to support procurers & public research organisations IT managers in procuring cloud services was unveiled at the event. The tool will be operational at The UK’s G-Cloud initiative broadened perspectives on the public sector  and its recipe for success; while Linda Strick, presented lessons learned from the Cloud for Europe procurement actions.