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Cloud28+ : Europes Cloud of Cloud

In the “Procuring cloud services today” report released a few weeks ago by PICSE, based on experiences of 10 public sector organisations across Europe, one of the key outcomes  included in the public sector procurers ‘wish list’ was having a catalogue of cloud service providers and more transparency in the cataloguing service itself.
Cloud28+ is a European-based Community of cloud service providers, iSVs, value added intregrators and technology partners aimed at increasing the visibility and revenue of its members & accelerating adoption of Cloud technologies through the creation of a cloud service catalogue with over 600 services, with a strong focus on compliance with the European rules on data privacy and security.
The official launch of the catalogue will be 1-3 December in London at the Discover event
The Cloud28+ catalogue is open promoting an ecosystem of OpenStack deployments that use Hewlett Packard’s OpenStack distribution. Users of the catalogue trying to find services are not charged for use of the service and all contracts are directly between the customer and the cloud service provider – Cloud28+ does not take a percentage cut of the revenue. Cloud28+ is paid for as a result of the value and benefits the members of the community receive.
Cloud28+ catalogue aims to showcase all services that are available.  With Cloud28+ users can access the catalogue of services and negotiate directly with them (no business transaction is managed by Cloud28+). This transparency in a service is something which procurers desire.
To discover more visit the Cloud28+ website