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Comparative Study on cloud computing contracts

The present comparative law Study, encompassing the European Member States (excluding Croatia) and the U.S., has been conducted by the international law firm DLA Piper UK LLP. The Study has been coordinated by a multinational Core Team, with representatives from countries pertaining to the various legal traditions across Europe.

The input for each of the countries under investigation was provided by a dedicated team of specialized IT contracting lawyers from local DLA Piper law firms or preferred partner firms.

In light of the European Commission's action point on the development of model safe and fair contract terms for the cloud environment, aimed at intensifying cloud trust and higher uptake of cloud services, the present Study will serve as a knowledge base to understand to which extent the existing laws, case law and administrative guidance apply to cloud computing contracts.

The Study investigates whether key contractual legal issues which are typically mentioned in relation to the cloud, are adequately dealt with by existing national law or case law, or, as the case may be, by guidelines issued by administrative authorities.


Download the report here.