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PICSE Article featured on CLOUD28+: What expectations do European public research sector have in regards to CSPs?

What expectations do European public research sector have in regards to CSPs ?

PICSE gives you the insight. As part of its mandate, PICSE recently published the report “Procuring cloud services today

The report describes the experience of 10 European public sector organisations that have carried out or are considering a cloud procurement process. The experiences vary in terms of success and offer insights into how the procurement of cloud services is impacting on their current processes, how they overcame a set of barriers but it also tells us what expectations public sector organisations have in regards to cloud service providers (CSPs).

In terms of barriers the analysis highlighted that the shift to a new procurement process tomatch the cloud’s on-demand model is one of the major challenges together with the difficulty faced in these organisations to write cloud tender specifications suitable to engage suppliers.
In regards to the expectations of procurers, a wish list emerges from the report. Here a few points strictly related to CSPs:

  • A European catalogue of cloud service providers and related services
  • More transparency in cloud pricing
  • Cloud brokers at all levels (e.g. IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, skills brokerage, Informationbrokerage) that can efficiently speed up the cloud purchase
  • Standalone tests that could be offered to the customer to verify the suitability of the services offered by the supplier

Do you think Cloud28+ can fill some of these gaps?

Read the full article here.