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PICSE newsletter is out! Cloud procurement made easy: insights from PICSE

Are you from Public Sector & Are you Procuring Cloud Services through a Tender Procedure?

Then look no further as this newspiece covers all you need to know to get it right:

    1. Get advice:
    2. Learn from others: Procuring cloud services today report
    3. Understand the cloud procurement process The PICSE Research Procurement Model report
    4. Be aware of the barriers to overcome them Read the Cloud Procurement Barriers Report!

What’s next?
We have two further documents that will be released early next year:

  • Procurement Best Practices Report, including a collection of good practices for the public sector in procuring cloud
  • PICSE Cloud Service Procurement Roadmap including recommendations and strategic advice for public research organisations willing or already procuring cloud.

Stay tuned! If you want to have your say send us your inputs at

Where we will be?
The PICSE roadmap & final results will be presented at Cloudscape 2016 “For better digital access, infrastructure, and economy” on the 8 of March 2016, in Brussels, Belgium. Registration launch December 2015!





1. Try out now the PICSE WIZARD to make your cloud procurement easy!


PICSE WIZARD LogoThe PICSE Wizard is a web-based application that public research organisations (namely IT managers & procurers) can use to obtain guidelines when procuring cloud services through a tender procedure. The Wizard has two main functionalities:
  • Find the best cloud procurement model: it is designed for organisations looking for advice and support when procuring cloud through a tender procedure. Being it a commercial, pre-commercial or public procurement innovation action, the Wizard provides you with a checklist with numerous tips related to the cloud case
  • Assess how suitable your current procurement process is for procuring cloud service: to make a self-assessment and evaluate your procurement procedures
Have you used the tool and you have feedback that you want to share with us? Do it through our feedback form.

2. Download the Procuring cloud services today report to learn from past procurement processes!

Procuring cloud servicesProcuring cloud services today describes the compelling experience of ten public sector organisations across Europe who have either carried out a process to procure cloud services, or are considering doing so. The experiences vary in terms of success and offer insights into how the procurement of cloud services is impacting on their current processes.
What are the main challenges they face in purchasing cloud services? Are organisations able to apply or adapt existing standard procurement policies in order to benefit from what cloud service providers offer? Do staff have the necessary skill-sets to assess the market and make the right choice?
All the answers are in the report!
We’d love to hear about your experience - share with us your case study! We’ll gladly publish it for you, we can also offer free advice to you! Contact us at

3. Read the PICSE Research Procurement Model report. Public research organisations have well established processes in place to procure ICT services: What happens when they procure cloud? Are these processes still suitable?

The PICSE Research Procurement Model  provides a state of the art analysis of how public research organisations procure ICT services and identifies the challenges of procuring cloud services. The document presents different models to procure cloud services suitable for public research organisations and provides procurement checklists that can be used by IT managers and procurers working in the public sector.
Enjoy reading!

4. You are not alone! Read the Cloud Procurement Barriers Report to get rid of those concerns around barriers that you might have

Challenges in the migration process

Although cloud computing has become increasingly popular, it appears that potential customers, in the public sector in general and in the research community in particular, are facing barriers that inhibit the wider adoption of cloud services. Barriers to cloud service procurement mainly relate to the adoption of new technology and the procurement process itself. Read it now!
We are interested in your feedback. Share them with us by contacting us at