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Service-level agreements are crucial to ensure cloud providers meet expectations. A strong cloud SLA starts with answering five common questions.

Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship. And that sentiment holds true in a cloud provider-user relationship, as well. When a cloud service provider guarantees a certain level of performance, the user needs to know those expectations will be met. That's where a service-level agreement comes into play. Each cloud service provider has its own service-level agreement (SLA) that covers a range of service limits and guidelines around performance, availability, costs and more. An SLA might look good on paper, but a user should understand all the details to be satisfied with their service. While reading every word of your SLA is a good start, you need to ask certain questions to ensure your requirements are met. Here are five common questions to sharpen your cloud computing SLA knowledge.

Read the article by Nicholas Rando, TechTarget