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Use Case: Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) for a mobile traffic management system in Austria

“I have to say that a PCP process is actually what we were looking for to increase the quality of work and get better results.” - Eva Hackl, public procurer of the mobile traffic management system. 

In October 2011, the first Austrian PCP pilot on Traffic Infrastructure was launched. The project, financed by ASFINAG, the Austrian ministry and the research promotion agency, aims to procure a Mobile Traffic Management System for the monitoring of traffic flow.
The PCP gave very positive results: at the end of the PCP, there were two, well-functioning, proof of concept prototypes on ASFINAG’s network.
According to ASFINAG, the PCP improved the quality of work carried out by the suppliers due to the competitive setting.

Lessons learnt on the PCP process:

  • A PCP process is able to address specific needs and expectations;
  • It allows the procurers to get in touch with the suppliers at an early stage of the process;
  • It provides the opportunity to create a whole market for a new demand.

For more information about the mobile traffic management system for road work areas and major incidents Pilot Project PCP, watch the interview to Eva Hackl or visit ASFiNAG's website.