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PICSE Roadmap Additional Inputs

SANSOM IT highlighted that a description of the utility model for IaaS billing is missing from the roadmap.

Flat Rate
A flat rate commercial model for IT infrastructure is based on the amount of resources allocated to an instance or server.  Vendors usually charge the customer based on the size of the instance, commonly in x number of CPU’s, x amount of MEM, and x amount of Storage. The rates vary for different sizes and specifications, for instance, some servers may have high-performance disks or CPU’s allocated.  There is no consideration given in the pricing for the amount of the allocated resources that are actually consumed by the instance.

This model is based on the infrastructure resources that are actually consumed by the server or instance. Resources are still allocated to the instance during deployment. However, the usage of those resources is metered, and the customer is charged for consumption.


contribution received on September 2016