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Antitrust Guidelines

The project “Helix Nebula - the Science Cloud” will support the massive IT requirements of European scientists and aims to pave the way for the development and exploitation of a Cloud Computing Infrastructure, initially based on the needs of European IT-intense scientific research organisations, while also allowing the inclusion of other stakeholders’ needs (governments, businesses and citizens).
Knowing, understanding and applying competition law is a major concern for all players within Helix Nebula, especially as many of them are major players in IT in Europe. Accordingly, Helix Nebula has adopted these Antitrust Guidelines for itself, its members and all attendees, customers and other participants, as guidance in connection with participation in Helix Nebula’s activities.
All participants should note that this document is a general guide only. It is not intended to be a complete and definitive statement of all aspects of competition laws, nor does it advise with respect to the competition laws of all countries. In case of any doubt, one should therefore seek the assistance of legal counsel experienced in competition law matters.

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