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Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud D5.2: Report on future technical requirements

Throughout the Helix Nebula initiative a number of activities have taken place to identify the requirements of the users for a brokerage platform that would meet their particular flagship application needs. Initially these requirements were formulated by the Technical Architecture Committee as a series of User Stories that were created together with the existing user communities of the initiative.

The requirements were also further elaborated and formalised through the activities performed as part of the Helix Nebula FP7 project with the user requirements gathered by Work Package 3.

Through the various Proof of Concept, Pilot and Production deployment activities that have been undertaken of the last two years, users have had the opportunity to assess the suitability of the platform against their requirements. All three flagship deployments have been successfully completed however from the feedback received it is clear that there is still some development of the platform required in order to further align the services offered with the requirements of the users.

A critical analysis presented in this document reviews the User Stories, User Requirements and Flagship deployment feedback received in order to identify a series of User Stories that should be addressed by the technical roadmap of Helix Nebula going forward.