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Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud D6.2: Roadmap for the integration and interoperation of commercial cloud with e-Infrastructures

This document provides a summary of the work achieved during the second year of the Helix Nebula pilot-phase project in the area of interoperability between commercial cloud providers and publicly funded infrastructures.
The work package delivered:

  • Three interoperability workshops aimed to identify, discuss and agree recommendations concerning interoperability aspects and implementation actions;
  • An extra interoperability workshop co-located with the EGI community forum scheduled in May 2014;
  • 17 high level recommendations and 30 implementation actions on which progress has been monitored and documented;
  • An established collaboration with the FedSM project and exploitation of the FitSM standard through a dedicated training and implementation workshop;
  • An established collaboration with the EGI Federated Cloud for the integration of the affiliated publicly-funded cloud service providers through the development of a connector for SlipStream and demonstration of flagship deployment;
  • An established collaboration with DANTE for interconnecting commercial cloud providers to publicly funded infrastructures and research and education institutions via GEANT and the NRENs.

Thanks to the valuable input from several Helix Nebula stakeholders, this document provides a final roadmap for members of the Helix Nebula initiative, as well as suggestions for suppliers and e-Infrastructures involved with service provisions in the Helix Nebula marketplace, to guide future activities in the area of interoperability.