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Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud D7.1 Analysis of the existing supply and demand side – Big Science - business processes for the procurement of IT infrastructure services

The description and analysis of business processes in this deliverable define the framework and restrictions for the definition of potential business models. In this context it was essential to uncover mismatches and to define next steps in order to combine procurement processes on the demand side (segment restricted to big science) and the offer creation processes of the supply side (commercial cloud service providers). Further, accounting and costing processes of both sides and the process of budget provision on the demand side has been examined to find potential restrictions on future contract terms. In the course of our investigations based on conducted surveys and interviews we found that Helix Nebula is a scenario shaped by market imperfections such as high switching costs, lack of transparency and risks as described in this deliverable. This and mismatches in the business processes hinder participants of this market to conduct rational decisions and move forward.

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