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PICSE Roadmap on Cloud Service Procurement for public research organisations

The PICSE Roadmap is the major lasting legacy of PICSE. In addition to highlighting existing challenges, barriers and trends, it:

  • Provides a landscape of cloud procurement in the European public research sector ; (Chapter 2)
  • Proposes actions within the pillar three of the Digital Single Market Strategy which focus on maximising the growth potential of the digital economy (Chapter 3)
  • Makes relevant recommendations regarding procurement of cloud services for public research organisations in Europe; (Chapter 4)
  • Provides a guide to cloud procurement, supported by best practices adopted worldwide (Chapter 5)

In Chapter 3 in particular, the Roadmap represents a precise Call for Action for the three major stakeholders involved in the cloud procurement process: Public Research Sector Organisations (the demand-side), Cloud Service Providers (the supply-side) and Policy Makers (the regulators).