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Call for tender from DG DIGIT

The mission of DIGIT is to deliver digital services to enable European Union (EU) policies and to support the European Commission's (EC) internal administration. DIGIT as trusted partner has the responsibility to:

  • Provide the EC, and whenever appropriate other European Institutions and bodies, with high quality and innovative:
    • Workplace solutions (creating new ways of working and collaboration for staff) 
    • Business solutions (delivering information systems supporting rationalised business processes within the framework of the corporate IT Governance strategy)
    • Infrastructure solutions (providing reliable, cost-effective and secure infrastructure and services)
    • Effective solutions (aligning IT investments with business priorities, facilitating relationships with strategic partners, balancing risk with business value for the Institution);
  • Support the modernisation of public administrations by promoting and facilitating interoperability so that European public administrations can work seamlessly together across boundaries–Interoperability solutions.

Depending on their security and data qualifications, information systems can be deployed either in a private cloud operated for EC and EU Institutions only, or in a public cloud operated for external customers too. This hybrid approach allows the EC to get the most effective solution under different circumstances to meet the EU changing needs.

DG DIGIT has just launched a call for tender that aims to secure about 2500 Virtual Machines and 2500 Terabytes of storage for up to 4 years to the EU Institutions. 75% of the volume will be reserved for the European Parliament, Council and other EU institutions and agencies. The volume for the EC represents a maximum 15% of its current in - house IT capacity. The call for tender is fully in line with the European Cloud Computing Strategy, adopted by the EC in September 2012, which aims at speeding up Cloud uptake across Europe. In this strategy, the EC calls upon Member States to embrace the potential of cloud computing.

In this first call for tender for cloud services, security and data protection are specifically addressed. All data and infrastructure are deployed on EU territory only, for essential security and data protection reasons and to be compliant with EU data handling requirements. It also builds on the most recent developments in security standards, such as the latest framework on IT security from ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency). Security requirements for the tender are presented in a questionnaire which is compatible with EU internal rules and the high number of security standards.